Saturday, September 15, 2007

Texmaker: Free cross-platform LaTeX editor

Sep 15, 2007

Texmaker ( seems to be a very good LaTex editor tool. I used it once a long time ago. It's pretty impressive, and I think it is better than TeXnicCenter ( The tool has no more update for more than a year). However, Texmaker does not have some cool features in WinEdt such as DVI search.

FYI: DVI search is a feature in WinEdt helping a user to find a portion in DVI document corresponding to a target text in the editor. You can try it by ctrl-shift-s in a WinEdt editor. If your DVI file is open, it will jump to the corresponding text.

FYI: there is a forum about LaTex and its editors at forum This forum has dedicated sections for TeXnicCenter, Texmaker, and WinEdt. Sounds interesting.


Jolly said...

Why using a cross-plattform editor when you have everything right by your hand? There exist several online latex editors (like which allow you to create latex documents and pdfs directly in your browser.

pinyotae said...

Thank you for you comment and letting me aware of such services. However, using cross-platform editors, such as TeXMaker, may be a better choice for various reasons, depending on your working environment.

1. Your document may be confidential. You probably don't want to rely on insecure network connection to do the job (most free online Tex editors tend to use insecure connection).

2. The project may be large. Using such editors in this case may cost you subscription fee.

3. Your preferred online TeX editors may not generate a postscript file, but many conferences and journals prefer postscript to PDF.

4. You are free to select a preferred version of LaTeX compilers. LaTeX has many quirks. When you get familiar with them, you may not want to change version and deal with other quirks, if not necessary.

Thank you for your comment.