Saturday, January 19, 2008

MFC: Practice using tab control

(Jan 19, 2008)

After try using MFC's tab control (CTabCtrl) from

The first one seems to give more concise and be easier to follow.

There are also some important points I'd like to note:
1. Do not forget to change 'style' of a tab sheet from 'popup' to 'child'. If you do not make such change, the position of a tab sheet may be at the top left corner of the screen.

2. Tab sheet should be set to have no border (Border = none).

3. CTabCtrl must be derived. It seems there is no simpler way for this, although initialization code for our derived class may be very common as used in

4. Tab control must have this message map,


Otherwise, changing tab is impossible.

5. As usual before a dialog which has a derived tab control in it can be shown, we need to 'Create' it. Declaration does not mean 'Create' at all.

m_myDialog.Create( IDD_MAIN_DLG );
m_myDialog.ShowWindow( SW_SHOW );

6. Properties for a common tab sheet are shown in the following images:

Private copy:

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