Monday, February 04, 2008

Tex2Im Tool

(Feb 4, 2008)

Today, Roger's Online Equation ( almost put me in trouble when my friend used it and could not make it work on his equation with norm:

d_{S} = 2d_{D} + \left|\left|\left[\Delta x,\Delta y,\Delta z\right]^{T}\right|\right|

I don't know why it did not work in Roger's Online Equation Server. Perhaps, it does not have some important packages. Thus, I tried using tex2im locally.

I downloaded it from

Since I already had LaTex tool on my Cygwin already, I could just copy tex2im directly to Cygwin's bin directory. Next, create a test.tex file with the equation above. Then, generate the output file with resolution 600 x 600, white text, black background, with transparency, without antialias. The above task can be done with the following command:

tex2im -r "600x600" -t "white" -b "black" -z test.tex

Note if we use the -z option, the anti-alias option will be disabled by default, but if we don't use the -z option, the anti-alias option will be enabled by default.

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