Saturday, February 06, 2010

Redistributable Documents

Redistributable Documents

This web page hosts redistributable documents.  The aim of this web page is to make things more convenient for those who want to access the document off-line or to obtain some software bundles in a convenient way.  Documents that are not redistributable are noted and links to the official web sites are provided, instead.

OpenGL 2.1 Reference Pages (Man Pages)

(Feb 2010)
These man pages are a slightly modified version provided by the Khronos group.  Typically, we have to SVN to get these man pages.  The official package of the man pages, however, contain more information than what I need (most people may feel the same).  If you want only HTML man pages, you might want to download my package (2MB).  There is only one addition, index_frame.html, which is a frame version of the man page we see in this official web site.  I hope this helps those who do not want to deal with SVN and want the frame version.

MinGW 32-bit

(May 17, 2010)
Since MinGW installer is not finalized yet, it is awkward to get GCC 4.5.0 from the server.  Therefore, I gathered all files that are downloaded by discussed in MinGW web site and made a package that is ready to use.  Just download the package if you don't need anything newer than the April-16-2010 release (GCC 4.5.0).  With the package, there is no need to bother with wget or bash.

Pinyo Taeprasartsit

(This document can be viewed at my blog and my Google docs)

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