Thursday, October 27, 2005

Study: Lesson learned recently

Tuesday Oct 25, 2005:
I had a quiz on Tuesday and the content of this quiz is beyond the pages described in the schedule. This causes me a little trouble and I got a lesson: if your professor is a bit crazy, be prepared for unexpected things such as incoherence, esp. when what you see is not quite correct. For example, the content of the quiz described in the schedule is only about 15 pages. This is quite impossible. Another example is the previous quiz in which no good question can be generated for quiz in its scope. So, the professor asked a question in previous section instead without prior notice. Fortunately, in that time, I was well prepared for that stuff. But this time, I was not because I did not expect he asked questions in the next section.

You must prepare if your professor is (a bit) crazy.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2005:
'When the war is not over yet, do not count the number of corpse' (Thai idiom). I finished homwork before time, but I forgot to take homework folder with me to class. Oh, I was too careless about the last step: submission. Always be careful until it's really over: submission and approval. For my thesis, this means approval by committee, submission and approval from thesis office and department.

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