Thursday, November 17, 2005

Study: Plan

Nov 17, 2005:
I talked with Dr. Higgins and I am going to make a concurrent program of Master and Ph.D. degrees at the same time. I'm now going to very seriously prepare for a candidacy exam held on Jan 13 or 20 (not officially announced yet) as a partial fulfillment of Ph.D. program. For coursework, It's good to hear that all classes I taken here can be transferred to Ph.D. program; i.e., 34 coursework credits will be transfered. These 34 credits are: 1 credits of colloquium, 15 credits of 4xx level courses and 18 credits of 5xx level courses.

Because colloquium can be counted for 4xx, not normal 5xx level courses. I need to take three more of 5xx level courses and one more of 4xx level one.

For the next semester, I will take 586 computer vision, 591 Research in CSE and one another course I cannot decide yet, but probably an English writting course. Plus, 2 credits for thesis research to secure full-time status.

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