Monday, December 26, 2005

Computer: Enclosure Issues

Dec 26, 2005:
I obtained a new Syba enclosure a few days before, and it causes so many problems First, it corrupts data on my trusty Maxtor hard disk. Second, the fan is surprisingly noisy. I found out later that the fan itself is not very noisy, but the fan along with airflow rushing into the enclosure is very noisy. Third, LEDs do not work. Again, I found out later that workers at assembly lines do something wrong or document is not accurate, since I need to flip the direction of LED power line to make it works correctly.

I need to go back to use the old enclosure for my trusty hard drive.

At this moment, I bought a new Hitashi Deskstar 7K250 hard drive (160GB/IDE interface) to use with the new enclosure. I am testing if it can work correctly with my new hard drive. My trusty Maxtor might not work with this new Syba enclosure just because I enabled delayed write feature for it. I need to wait and see.

Dec 26, 2005:
Okay, I now realize that the issue about delayed write of this enclosure persists and I need to switch to use quick removal optimization mode. The performance is dropped by about 20%. Referred by my next post, a test on the same data takes 6:26 minutes for uncompressed volume with no delayed write.

So, the new hard drive will be used as a backup volume. I also plan to make it a CVS repository.

At this point, I have two things to do with my hard drive before building a ghost image for a hard drive:
1. Install Matlab toolbox.
2. Get key for dictionary.

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