Monday, December 19, 2005

Computer: Firewire Enclousure

On Wednesday night Dec 14, 2005, Jua came to my apartment and tried to download his robotic vehicle movie from video camera to a disk. At first, it is expected that my laptop could not do the job since it has only 4-pin Firewire interface, but the connector line from the camera had 6-pin interface. However, I realized that my DVD writer enclosure came with Firewire interface and can be connected to other products in a serial manner. Plus, the connector in my enclosure is 6-pin interface. So, I connect the camera through my enclosure and got that job done.

The bottom line is if your enclousure has Firewire interface, you can use it as a Firewire convertor as well. This can add value to your enclosure.

Today (Sunday Dec 18, 2005), I just bought a new enclosure for my hard disk to give it Firewire interface instead of USB 2.0, because Firewire gives more bandwidth, even though its theoretical bandwith is lower than USB 2.0. I think I will connect my devices-- hard drive and DVD drive-- through Firewire instead.

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